Nigeria's Forthcoming General Elections, Prayers of Victory As The Day Draws Near


Elections in several African countries are historically known to be anything but peaceful; and in most instances, turns bloody and violent with unnecessary loss(es) of life. No wonder law-abiding citizens in many countries of Africa begin to get apprehensive as the day of voting draws near.

This is no different in Nigeria, the acclaimed giant of Africa and the world's most populous black nation where turbulent memories following the last general elections 4 years ago are still fresh in peoples' minds. Tension have been on the rise as the days of waiting for general election voting for both the Presidency and the two legislative chambers draw to a close. Both come up tomorrow Saturday, 28th March 2015. The Governorship elections will be early next month (for more, see official INEC website).

Leaving nothing to chance, Africans concerned for the safety of people and property before, during and after the elections have begun to call upon HEAVEN, the greatest and source of all powers and authority, to intervene.

#FaithFriday - Prayers for the Nigerian elections
The #FaithFriday campaign by Apostle Mary Wangui of Kenya for Nigeria
In this campaign, a female Kenyan evangelist by the name, Apostle Mary Magdalene Wangui has taken her voice to Facebook; from whose platform she cries out her message via the GLOBAL REVIVAL PRAYERS- a global prayer group from where she is globally mobilizing Christians to pray for Nigeria.

The Apostle's Message

In her pleas, the Apostle urges people everywhere, using the hashtag, #FaithFriday, to specially dedicate the Nigerian people to GOD, as He is able to ensure a successful poll tomorrow. Her short but powerful words are captured thus:
Nigeria decides but God has already chosen. The Lord is ready to guide all Nigerians to cast votes according to His will. Daniel 4:17.

The Battle of Nigeria has been good against evil and not persons. Love, unity and peace will rain and reign!

TO OUR BROTHERS IN NIGERIA: God will fight for you, restore you and revive your president. We, the global family of God are with you as well as divine favor. Your faith in the Lord has overcome all.

"Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. 1 John 5:5.".

By the end of the voting process you will know that God has given Nigeria a president as a gift and your future days will not be like the past. God will reign against all odds.

I speak peace before and after the voting process and even after voting!

God bless Nigeria!
Apostle Mary Magdalene Wangui is the founder of The Will of God Church and Ministries, Nairobi Kenya.

What about you, beloved?

So, have you prayed for Nigeria and her fast approaching elections? If you have, may the good LORD hear your good prayers and bring them to pass. If you have not, please fall upon your knees at the least opportunity you get today, and cry out to your Heavenly Father! The lives of several people depend on this.

And it does not matter whether you are a Nigerian or not. That you are a Christian with a feeling heart, a member of the family of GOD, should spur you to stand in the gap against all machinations of the Kingdom of darkness to bring about mayhem and destruction in any part of the world. If you are a follower of Jesus, then your goal in life must be the same as His, for He came to bring life abundant to everyone everywhere.

Our prayer is that there are no lives lost in this election process which starts tomorrow. GOD has heard and already answered the prayers of many of His children on this topic. May He replenish the lives of all who continually fight for and seek the good of others and His Kingdom. Amen!

GOD bless Nigeria!