Best Places to Shop for Christmas in Srilanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island country found in the northern Indian Ocean. It has numerous maritime borders with Maldives to its southwest and India to the northwest. Sri Lanka has a fantastic documented history that dates back to about 300 years ago.

Sri Lanka boasts of magnificent places to do your shopping. It has a wide range of varieties for souvenirs and handicrafts all over the country. Their price specifications are reasonable and fixed. You will be thrilled to get all you need in the supermarkets. Definitely, it is a great fun to shop for Christmas in the Sri Lankan shops.

1. Ratnapura
This is the gem-mining location of Sri Lanka and preferably the best place to purchase jewels of all types. It has the most popular shops in the country. From this town, one can credibly have a quick view of the traditional gem-mining in the region. You will be perfectly thrilled to know how the cutting is made. For the gem enthusiast who is thrilled with gem shopping, this is a perfect place to do your Christmas shopping in Sri Lanka.

2. Odd Department store
This is a high profile store that combines both local and international brands under one single store. Odel store has a wide range of items that include fashions, gift items, cosmetics and home wares. A mansion for the shopping store is found in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This department is also complete with numerous bars and cafes where Christmas shoppers can have a rest after a busy shopping. Odd department store offers tremendously low prices of goods, which suits shoppers of different classes.

3. The Paradise Road
This shop offers an exclusive variety of both colonial and the Sri Lankan souvenirs. Moreover, there is a perfect selection of original home wares and designer goods. For Christmas shoppers who love clothing, a vast collection of both women's and men's clothes is found in this single boutique. In addition to clothing; bags, shoes, purses and toys are hereby found. There are discounts here too. You can purchase designer items at very low prices ever!

4. Kapruka
This is specially designed for Christmas shoppers who love music related appliances. It is also the best place to buy tapes, CD's, DVD's, memorabilia and many more music related appliances. If you are a staunch music lover, consider visiting this store and enjoy exploring this great and probably unique discovery.

5. House of Fashion
This shopping store is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka -The most affordable shoes are found in this particular mall. In addition, there are tremendous lots of choices for adult and teen clothes, both formal and casual wears. This is the best place for holiday shoppers who are having preferences for clothing items of different purposes. Give it a try.

6. Mondy
This is a sore found in Colombo. It also sells clothes with encouragingly low prices. The cloth choices found in the Mondy stores include office wears like colored leggings, trousers, well-costumed attires and everything that suits office outfits. Christmas shoppers who would like to buy office outfits should consider visiting Mondy stores for a perfect experience

7. Sri Lankan streets
This is definitely the easiest way to do shopping and to search for shopping goods in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan city streets are full of sidewalk vendors who sell items just similar to those displayed in the stores. The sidewalk vendors sell items at extremely affordable prices that might thrill you. Sri Lankan street shopping is an impeccable option for those Christmas shoppers who are on a tight budget

For shoppers who are interested in traveling to Sri Lanka, having a valid Sri Lanka Visa is mandatory. For a short visit, visas can be easily obtained on the Electronic Travel Authorization website. The issuing authority is situated at the Immigration and Emigration Department in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Enjoy your shopping while in this fantastic island.

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