How To Spend Valentine’s Day If You Are Single


Saint Valentine's Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine or simply Valentine's Day, is observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it remains a working day in most of them.

According to popular belief, Valentine’s Day celebration is not a favorite among singles. Thus, over the years, an explosion of advice columns and guides have been written attempting to inform singles on how best to spend Valentine’s Day without a date. The downside is many of these tend to be self-centered, only focusing on ways to treat yourself (such as taking yourself out or buying yourself a 'gift') or coping strategies to deal with your singleness “problem.”

Valentine's Day can be a time of building-up for your future happiness irrespective of whether you have a date or not. It can be a time and season of building a foundation for that very special person whom you are yet to see and let into your life.

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Loving That Person You’re Yet To Meet

If being alone and lonely is your problem, rest assured that the advise of 'dating' yourself (i.e. taking yourself out or buying yourself a gift) is a poor solution. What you and everyone else really want is to love someone, and have them love you back in return. That is the only natural and gratifying way to go.

It is good for you to know you can actually work toward loving someone and having them love you back this Valentine, even if you are alone. According to 1 Corinthians 13, LOVE clearly is an action, and not a feeling, and you can do things this season to actively love and serve your future spouse — even if you have yet to meet them.

How can you do this, you ask? You must intentionally and selflessly do things this Valentine season to make yourself a better future husband or wife — a gift that, by the way, is vastly more important than chocolates, more loving than flowers, and more valuable than jewels (Proverbs 31:10).

While going over a great website, The Porch, I found 5 wonderful ways discussed there through which you could honor and love your future spouse as a single person on Valentine's day, and I have decided to share those tips here with you.

Below are the 5 ways to cherish your future husband or wife this Valentine:

1). Pray for your future spouse

If you are going to be married someday, the person you will marry is out there right now, perhaps also spending Valentine’s Day alone. Pray that they are walking closely with Christ and growing in their relationship with Him. Pray that each of you would become a more godly man or woman during this season. God is in control, so praying to Him is the single most powerful thing we can do.

2). Study the Bible

You will never have more time than right now to study and learn the Bible. Build up your knowledge now, while you are single, so that you are ready to apply it when you are dating, married, or raising a family.

3). Be financially responsible

Being single on Valentine’s Day gives you a head start here, since the people who do celebrate the holiday spend an average of $126 per person on gifts and dates. Though common advice often includes going shopping for yourself or taking the day off, a better idea would be to work and save money for future gifts or expenses.

4). Take care of yourself physically

Just be healthy. Again, being single provides an advantage: no boxes of chocolate or fancy, sedentary dinners. Instead plenty of exercises with adequate rest in between add a lot of health benefits if we can afford the time to indulge in them.

5). Guard your heart and mind

Don’t follow your heart; inform your heart. Avoid indulgence of the flesh, such as sitting and sobbing your way through a romantic movie marathon, or looking at porn. Honor your future spouse by not lusting over someone else’s or setting up unrealistic expectations. And instead of envying someone else’s relationship, the healthiest way to spend Valentine’s Day is to focus on your relationship with the One who already loves you unconditionally.

Adding it all together

Put another way, you can love them best by striving to be content in your singleness, and not turning marriage or romance into an idol. It is natural to want a spouse, and fine to pray that you will find one. Just be careful not to make that desire ultimate. Ask God for help in balancing contentment in singleness and the pursuit of a spouse.

And remember that love is not limited to just Valentine’s Day. You can do these things every day, and in the process become more the type of man or woman that others should look for. Hopefully that certain someone is out there doing the same, and therefore already loving you in return.

Now you must ask yourself pertinent questions at this stage:
How am I spending my Valentine’s Day? Have I planned to do the right and honorable thing(s)? Am I loving my future spouse with what I have lined up for today or what I am doing right now?

Make haste to ruminate over these questions, and if you find you have erred at any point, correct yourself and ask the Lord Himself for strength. He is ALWAYS faithful to forgive, comfort and strengthen us whenever we turn to seek sincerely from Him.

Do have a wonderful and honorable Valentine!

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