A movie to watch: "RUST" by Corbin Bernsen


RUST, an inspirational film starring Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominee Corbin Bernsen, was a pleasant surprise. A little bored with many of the poor-plot local movies I had around me, I found myself browsing the internet and visiting local movie- and book-shops.

I had no hopes of finding anything worth watching or reading, so imagine my pleasant surprise when I stumbled onto this title.

RUST tells the story of James Moore (played by Corbin Bernsen), a former pastor going through a midlife crisis of faith. Unable to come to terms with his doubts, he returns to his hometown seeking answers he hopes to find at the old church where he initially felt his calling as a child.

Upon his return, James finds the place quite changed, and he learns of a local family, new to the area, who perished in a fire apparently set by Travis, his childhood friend and local loon.

James goes to visit Travis in jail, and while he is a little surprised about his friend’s implication, he cannot but accept the man’s own rendition of what happened on the fatal night of the fire.

RUST is a movie which tells the story of James Moore (played by Corbin Bernsen), a former pastor going through a midlife crisis of faith

A few days later, a disturbed local youth takes his life, and the town mourns the loss while collectively shaking its head at what could have motivated the young man to go through with such an unthinkable act.

James continues to visit Travis in jail, and time after time, he becomes more and more convinced of the man’s innocence, even if Travis himself accepts his fate as it is; his memorable words at some point: “My mother is fine; I am fine. It’s all according to God’s plan – He creates the plan, we only have to play our part.”

Mindless of Travis’s acceptance of whatever plan may be at play, James begins to dig deeper to find out what truly happened. Friendship and an unquenchable thirst for justice set him on a path of discovery sometimes at odds with the will of the rest of the town, only too glad to have someone to blame for the deaths.

The plot continues to evolve in a crescendo of events interesting enough to stand out, yet average enough to be credible. James finds hope where he least expects it and rediscovers his own lost faith.

The film makes many excellent points. One of them is James’s growing awareness of each person being connected to everyone else. Rust is one of those rare movies with a story so compelling that it stands out on its own, without need of explosions or foul language to capture one’s attention.

It is heartwarming and profound; definitely a movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and one filled with powerful lessons that will likely stick with the viewer for a long time to come.

RUST is an uplifting drama with important life themes about faith, family, loyalty, the past—and understanding the ties that bind a community together.

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