The Spirit of Fear

After Adam's fall he received this spirit - the Spirit of Fear. Every seed of Adam that enters into the world drinks of this same spirit.

Recently my two and half years old daughter looked into the dark closet and said, "I'm scared daddy". No one knows the things of a man except the spirit of man within him/her. No one taught her to be scared of the dark but the spirit in her because she received the 'spirit of fear' from her ancestor Adam.

Paul said in Romans 8:15, " have not received the spirit of bondage AGAIN to fear..." The word 'again' suggests that we received it before (at first birth).

The spirit of a man that is not born again is a spirit of fear (or of bondage, a yoke of the devil).

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Word FEAR on the dices
The spirit of a man that is not born again is a spirit of fear
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The spirit of the second Adam

The good news is that every seed of the second Adam (Jesus) drinks of the spirit of the second Adam just like we drank that of the first Adam. Notice that this spirit is different from the Holy Spirit. This is the spirit of the son (Jesus), His human spirit.

This is a spirit of BOLDNESS, our new spirit, created after the image of Christ.

It is a yoke of the master (Jesus) which broke (destroyed) the previous yoke (of the devil). Anyone that has his (Christ) spirit CANNOT be Afraid!

Someone may ask, why am I still afraid since I am born of Him?

The answer is simple - the motions of the spirit of fear affected our minds and emotions i.e. the spirit of fear used our minds and emotions to express fear therefore the advent of a new spirit does not change the fact that our minds and emotions have been trained to FEAR (or be afraid).

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As your mind receives light from this new spirit, the kind of knowledge that is in this write-up, you'll become more assured that there is nothing to fear and great peace and calm will enter your soul.

PEACE be multiplied to you!

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