Sin and Sins - The Christian's Reality

SIN and SINS are important topics in the Christian faith.

Adam's SIN led to spiritual death. The rest of the SINS (for all mankind) flowed from the state of spiritual death and as such were committed in ignorance (in a way we were helpless because we did not have spiritual light).

In man, the SIN resulted in spiritual DEATH and MORTALITY while the SINS produced DISEASES of the body and soul. Note that the SIN was a one-time event. SINS are due to inappropriate use of our natural human desires or abilities i.e. from our flesh (soul and body). The requirements for righteous human living are written on the human spirit therefore spiritual death led to chaos in the soul and body leading to SINS. SIN changed the nature of our spirit and SINS produced diseases of the body and soul.

This is important because the CHRIST also dealt with the SINS and SIN accordingly. i.e. in his flesh and spirit. SINS and consequences (diseases) were dealt with through his broken body and suffering in his soul. SIN was dealt with by going to hell. He could not have died until the original sin was placed in his spirit (i.e. he became sin); he took that original SIN in his spirit and went to hell (took it away). After he went to hell, he was born from the dead, the first born from the dead. i.e. he got up with a new spirit because the old man, the original spirit that bore the SIN on the cross, was permanently taken away.

God created one man and through him gave birth to the rest of humanity. Likewise in giving birth to his sons he perfected one man (son) and subsequently gave birth to sons of God through him. In the first instance we looked like Adam. In the second instance we look like Jesus Christ. However we look like Christ in our spirit initially then at his appearing, we will all (living and dead) be changed.

There is more to share on this topic but let us stop for now and consider the implication of these for the Christian or someone who is born of God. We will look at the LAW and Levitical priest hood because it describes what the reality is in Christ. We will also look outside the law because the message of salvation is for gentiles too who were never under the law.

The Seven Deadly Sins by Moreau.henri (2010)
An allegorical image depicting the human heart subject to the seven deadly sins, each represented by an animal (clockwise: toad = avarice; snake = envy; lion = wrath; snail = sloth; pig = gluttony; goat = lust; peacock = pride).
(credit: wikipedia)

The Law - how the law dealt with SIN and SINS

This is how the law dealt with SIN and SINS:
  1. On the Day of Atonement the high priest offers sacrifice for sins committed in ignorance through out the year. The atonement was a yearly event to deal with SINS committed in ignorance and SIN.
    Due to the limitations of the law (i.e. it has an imperfect high priest and imperfect animals) the purpose was not achieved in Man.
    In order to deal with SINS, animals were killed and their blood taken to the holy of holies and sprinkled on the mercy seat. In order to deal with SIN under the Law, the High priest placed his hands on a scapegoat, which was sent to a place that was not inhabited.

  2. During the year the Israelites brought sin offerings individually to offer atonement for the sins they were aware of.
In summary this is what we learn from the law:
  1. Day of atonement is for SINS committed in ignorance and for SIN. These were not effective in Man because of limitations mentioned above.
  2. During the year offerings for sins are made at an individual level
Likewise Christ as the high priest of a higher order:
  1. Actually took SIN away - see short explanation above. "...Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel..." 2 Tim 1:10. i.e. He has abolished spiritual death and mortality and brought eternal life and immortality to light in the resurrected Man Jesus Christ. Adam did not possess Eternal Life and Immortality. These attributes belonged to God alone but now also belong to those born of God.
  2. He made sacrifice for SINS and consequences - bore our sins on his body, by his stripes we are healed etc.
  3. Since he was perfect, he did not need to go in every year to make sacrifice for SINS or to bear SIN away repeatedly.
  4. Since he was a man, what he achieved could be applied to Man. i.e. in our spirits, soul and body.
  5. He went in with an eternal blood. This implies that the blood speaks forever.
The implication: for a Christian
  1. SIN is taken away from his spirit and there is now life
  2. SINS committed in ignorance are forgiven.
  3. SINS being committed in ignorance are being forgiven automatically (it is an eternal blood and he does not need to go in every year. The blood was poured on the conscience (mercy seat) and effective continuously.
  4. SINS that will be committed in ignorance will be forgiven automatically - see above
  5. For SINS that a Christian is aware of, he should confess them and s/he would be forgiven. The blood is already on the mercy seat (your conscience) so just come boldly beyond the veil into the presence of the father and obtain forgiveness because the high priest is permanently in the presence of the Father. Don’t forget that even though there is a temple in heaven, you are also a replica in pattern of the temple in heaven. The ark of the covenant, the tablets of the commandments, the cherubim that covers, the mercy seat etc everything is in you.
  6. Not that a Christian should continue to sin or sin willfully...NO! NO! NO!. Remember that our members (flesh) were committing sins because they did not have light from the spirit but now we have light so let us mortify our members here on earth and put to death those evil desires and acts in our members that lead to sins.
  7. A CHRISTIAN CAN SIN because his soul was not changed when he was born again and his body was not changed. The motions of sin are still in his members. This means that since his soul and body were used to commit sins prior to the new birth, his cells, synapses, thoughts etc are experienced in committing sins and will sin if not restrained through the spirit.
  8. If anyone is in Christ, the body is dead because of sin but the spirit is alive because of righteousness. If the spirit that raised Christ dwells in you, he will quicken your mortal bodies i.e. enable you to live above sins willfully and heal you of diseases, which are the consequences of sins.
  9. As you renew your mind you'll continue to work more and more in the light and less and less in sins.
  10. We are not yet perfect but we are pressing on
The Worship of Mammon by Evelyn De Morgan - 1909 painting (credit: wikipedia)

The Law of Marriage – an explanation

The Law of Marriage – This explanation is for the gentile who did not know the law and Levitical priesthood but know the universal law of marriage.

Adam was clay through which sons would be born to God. He was a perfect human being (spirit, soul and body) when he was created. He was to bear children (flesh) that would eventually be adopted (born) of God. Adoption simply means to extend the full rights of sonship to someone who was not a child naturally i.e. not your natural seed. The way God planned this was for Adam (and his kids) to receive the spirit of the Christ and his body (same with eating the tree of life). For man, receiving his spirit is equal to eternal life and receiving his body confers immortality.

When Adam received the word of the devil, he was born into the kingdom of darkness or we can say he died. Adam's sin united him spiritually to SIN (a spirit in the image of the devil). We can use marriage to describe the relationship between Adam and SIN. The union produces SINS in our members.

In order for Adam to be freed from this relationship with SIN, SIN must die. The law of marriage frees a woman to remarry if the husband is dead. So long as SIN was alive, Adam (and his kids) remain its wife and SINS must be produced by Adam (and his kids). Therefore the Christ became man for the singular purpose of making an end to SIN (S). On the cross he was united with SIN (made SIN) so he could take it away to hell. He died physical, spiritually as well as went to hell. He did not just rise from the dead; he was born (brand new). This means that he left SIN there and returned. This singular act made it possible for Adam (and his kids) to be married again, not to the one that died but the one that rose. Union with Christ can be described as marriage to Life. The union produces RIGHTEOUSNESS in our members.

The implication for a Christian
  1. New spirit is received at new birth - by faith in the word of God. This deals with the SIN problem in anyone. The new spirit is one with Christ.
  2. Union with Christ is a union of love and love covers a multitude of SINS. This means that SINS still occur ignorantly (due to corruption in body and soul) and due to weakness of the flesh. LOVE is able to forgive if anyone sins and confesses. When he appears we will receive a body like HIS. The implication is that we will no longer be able to SIN. "So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. O death where is your sting? O grave where is your victory! The sting of death is sin. 1 Cor 15:54-56
  3. We are now to bear fruits unto righteousness.

In conclusion

If we combine all the knowledge we come to only one conclusion.
  1. SIN is over because there is a new spirit
  2. 'SINS' is possible due to the mortal and corrupt flesh
  3. Righteousness is in the nature of the new spirit
  4. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. Another version says purifies...a continuous process.
  5. If anyone SINS, let him as for forgiveness and he'll be forgiven
  6. IF anyone continues to sin willfully, not acknowledging and confessing his sins, there is no more sacrifice, no more messiahs coming to save. Such a one is shipwrecking his faith and heading for destruction.
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Dr Ndibe Uzodinma is an internist evangelist who loves spreading the love of Christ