Sow that seed today!

A close friend of mine had shared an email with me several years ago, back in February 2005; but I never paid any attention to it then. It was one of those forwarded mails he always sent my way. He had that habit of forwarding emails he found intriguing to his friends, whether you saw it his way or not.

Fast forward to 7 years later (i.e. in 2012)...and i am going through my emails. I mistakenly stumble onto that old mail. With nostalgia, i decide to really read it for the first time, and discover the words are laced in gold.

That mail inspired this article...

Hear these 'golden' words

Let us start with deep reflections on the words of Rev Robert Schuller, a well known American televangelist, pastor, motivational speaker, and author who said:
"You can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you can't count the number of apples in a seed" - Robert Schuller
Did that make any sense? Well i think it does make loads of sense, if you take the time to think about it.

What do you usually do when you handle Seeds? Or should i rather say fruits (because the Seeds are in the fruits)? I am sure you go all ahead to do what everyone of us normally does...obey the normal natural instinct.

The initial natural instinct we have whenever we handle Seeds is to eat them. That's it, we all eat them! If you think a little deeper, however, always eating every Seed that comes our way in our daily life translates to constant spending. For many, it would mean their salaries, spending to buy new cloths, new gadgets, new accessories and so on.

The very prudent ones among us might just try to save the Seed for a rainy day. Again, in our daily living, that would practically translate into putting the seed in store houses.

Now wait a minute, but what does the Book of all books - the Holy Bible- say regarding all this? That we should eat our Seeds? Store them? The Holy Book shows us the wisest of ways to use our Seeds; it admonishes us to sow them. Jesus Himself says in Luke:
“...Give it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down...shall men give unto your bosom” (Luke 6.38 KJV).
Sowing is putting a seed into soil for a harvest. It could also mean trading it for a harvest. Either way, the seed goes into 'something', and comes out in multiples.

Scripture's perspective

A Bible passage makes it all the more clearer for us. Let's consider the well-known parable in Matthew 25:14-30; which goes like this:
“For the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who called his own servants, and delivered unto them his goods. And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey.

“Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents. And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two. But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord's money.

“After a long time the lord of those servants cometh, and reckoneth with them.

“And so he that had received five talents came and brought other five talents, saying, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me five talents: behold, I have gained beside them five talents more. His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

“He also that had received two talents came and said, Lord, thou deliveredst unto me two talents: behold, I have gained two other talents beside them. His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

“Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed: And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine.

“His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not, and gather where I have not strawed: Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury.

“Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents.

“For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 25:14-30 KJV).
We can then sum it all up this way: it is good to eat some of our Seed, nobody said eating is bad; but it is wiser to store for a rainy day; above all, it is wisest at all times to put a good part of our Seeds into use by sowing into good soil / trading for a harvest.

Remember that popular saying? Givers (Sowers) never lack!

What this means for us

Now the crux of the matter! How do we go about this truth? What must we do to align ourselves with this truth? There are loads of stuff in it for us.

Actively seek out good soil or good trades TODAY to sow or trade into. This could be someone in your neighborhood, an orphanage, a prison, or a ministry in need! And if you think deeply, it could even be investing your money in a good money fund or a Stock Exchange!

Take a look around, there are always good soils to till and sow into, great trades to make: investing, maybe; but the greatest trades to make: definitely, needy people or groups around us needing our attention!

Look around TODAY! You are yet to comprehend what the harvest could be like. Just believe the word of the LORD and sow that seed!