The End of The World


According to the Mayan Calender, December 21st, 2012, is going to be the end of the world. This ancient prediction has resulted in countless popular movies, novels, conspiracy theories, and intellectual debates. Surprisingly, even people who usually don’t have time for such talk are beginning to wonder if we are all about to go the way of the dinosaur.

In fact, the 2012 doomsday theory is arguably the most popular of its kind, even surpassing the Y2K scare and the mistaken assumption that life was going to grind to a halt in the year 2000.

Reasons for the End of the World

Several causes have been advanced as the reason behind the end of the world. The exact cause of the World's end differ from theorist to theorist. While some believe a planet named Nibiru (also known as Planet X) will crash into earth and wipe everything out, others believe otherwise. NASA has come out to deny the existence of any planet that fits such description, insisting that such planet would have been seen by now if the theory were true, but proponents of this theory insist that Nibiru is hiding behind the sun.

The End of the World
Other theories put forward have included black holes swallowing the earth whole, asteroid collisions that could cause an explosion big enough to destroy all life as we know it, and a super solar flare that may shut down all power on earth or even burn us all into chaff.

Another popular theory is that a pole reversal is going to be the earth's downfall, and many advocates of 2012 theories believe a galactic alignment will herald the beginning of the end for humanity and every other form of life on planet earth.

Some authors and speakers of the New Age religion do not think that 2012 will be a time of death and destruction for our planet. Instead, they think it will be a time of spiritual change and great awakening that may even turn out to be a positive thing. However, average folks aren’t too keen on change, and anything that is going to pull them out of their comfortable routines is perceived as a threat, including this New Age theory.

The real question for you as a Christian, as you read this article, is this: What do you think about 2012? And what do you think the Bible suggests about the year 2012? I will discuss this shortly.

How Your Faith in GOD will Save You

These things can be frightening to think about to many people, but if you are a person of faith you have nothing to worry about. As a Christian, such talk like the end of the world and its expectation should bring a warm relief into your heart because it does mean that finally, Our Lord Jesus is on His way to finally 'harvest' His own from the world. It means that the time for us to become kings and priests in the heavenly house of GOD is near. These matters should not strike fear into your heart.

All through history people have predicted the end of the world, and so far it hasn’t happened. So when will it be? Is the world actually about to end now? What do we truly know about this matter?

I do sincerely believe that December 21st will come and go as any other normal day. I also believe I will wake up on December 22nd, in earnest expectation of celebrating Christmas few days later. So why do I belief so? Why do I doubt the ancient Mayan prophecy? Simple! Because the Holy Bible does NOT suggest that the world will end in 2012. In fact, the Bible has told us about things that should happen before the world ends, and some of these are yet to fulfil. So it is impossible for the world to end in 2012. Let no one deceive you.

What does Scripture say?

First, recall Jesus' answer when asked about the day the world will end in Matt 24: 36: But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. So let nobody deceive you about knowing when the end will be.

Second, there are a number of Bible prophecies that MUST be fulfilled before the end of the world as we know it today. I have listed them thus:
  • Close to the end of this age, Israel will experience a brief time of false peace (Dan 9:27), and then severe persecution from the end-time world ruler. (Jer 30:7)(Matt 24:15-25)
  • At the very end of this age, just prior to the Second Coming of Christ, all nations will gather against Jerusalem for war. (Zech 14:2)
None of these has yet to happen. We know for sure that Israel is engaged in conflict with Hezbollah and other Palestinian groups, but there has neither been a semblance of a peace accord nor any 'time of peace' yet for Israel. We know that the third temple is not yet built. We know that the end-time ruler, of whom Jesus referred to when He said in Matt 24:15 (NIV) “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel"; and also of whom the Bible prophecies say would both persecute Israel and cause men to receive a mark has yet to be revealed. And we know that the two Israeli end-time witnesses spoken of in Rev 11:3-7 have not yet been revealed. And finally, the nations (perhaps, through the United Nations?) have not yet gathered together to perplex and defeat Israel. Therefore, why would the end come this year?

So, therefore, let us continue watching events as they unfold as God has given us clear signs concerning the end of the world. For 2012, I will be sending you a new year message on January 1st, 2013 because we will all still be here. Trust me on that, even as I trust the Holy Bible for guidance. PEACE!

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